Galaxy on fire valkyrie

I've recently purchased and played gof2 for windows, then come to find out that there are 2 expansions for the mobile versions of the game. Apr 29,  · fishlabs' highly anticipated add-on to galaxy on fire 2 [$ / lite] recently hit the app store, and is likely sitting in your pending updates listing if. I can only hope this game sells well enough so we are able to get the valkyrie expansion released to steam also.

Not to be confused with gof3d's valkyrie, the expansion pack, or the planet of the same name. Galaxy on fire is a series of 3d space trading and combat simulation video games by hamburg/germany-based mobile games developer fishlabs. Galaxy on fire 2 expansion released as an in-app purchase as an in-app purchase of $ the game offers gameplay improvements and additional storyline elements.

Not to be confused with gof3d's valkyrie, planet, or station of the same name.

Apr 28,  · valkyrie, the first add-on for the award-winning sci-fi epic galaxy on fire 2 for iphone and ipad is now available.

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